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Flat Roofs in Bromley and Across Kent | Market-Leading Solutions from Time-Served Roofing Contractors

Do you need to replace an old, failing garage roof? Or are you planning a single-storey, flat-roofed home extension? No matter your own situation, you can rely on DM & Son Ltd for your flat roofing needs in and around Bromley. Our fifth-generation roofing contractors supply and install popular materials and products from leading manufacturers. We use decades of skill and expertise to complete a range of roofing services, including new installations, repairs and renewals. You can rely on us for flat roofs of unmatched quality.

Our company also specialises in the installation of new roofs for pitched structures.

Based in Biggin Hill and Westerham, discerning property owners across Kent can contact us for outstanding workmanship and customer care. You can also learn more about our work on our flat roofs blog. We provide safe, reliable flat roofing services in the domestic and commercial sectors.

Our flat roofing options include:

  • EPDM RubberBond

  • 3-Layer Felt Systems

  • Felt Roofs

  • Lead Roofs

If you’re unsure which option best suits your structure or property, we can schedule an initial consultation at a location of your choosing.

The Benefits of Our Flat Roofs

Our roofing contractors typically undertake flat roofing services on small structures, such as extensions, garages and porches. Whichever option you prefer, we build your roof with a barely noticeable pitch, allowing rainwater to drain into a hopper.

Below, we have listed the individual merits of our most popular flat roofing options for clients in and around Bromley.

EPDM RubberBond

With 50 years of empirical evidence in practical applications, EPDM has the roofing industry’s longest average lifespan. This durability comes from an unrivalled resistance to standing water, UV damage, hail and cyclical membrane fatigue.

EPDM RubberBond is also flexible in lower temperatures, more resistant to extreme heat and demonstrates a significant resistance to weathering and abrasion.

For the environmentally conscious, these flat roofs are also recyclable. EPDM RubberBond roofing consists of engineered polymers. As a single membrane, it is impervious to inter-ply blistering. Requiring no torch or bitumen to install, this is a safe, fast, easy option for a range of applications.

3-Layer Felt Systems

This roofing solution has shown a marked improvement in technology over the years. 3-layer felt systems now carry a 20- to 30-year manufacturer’s guarantee and come in various colours. Our roofing contractors can also cut the material to fit any size roof.These flat roofs consist of a perforated underlay, a 2mm-thick underlay layer and a layer of felt with a thickness between 4mm and 5mm. Laid in a half lap manner, joints in the various layers are as far away as possible from each other, optimising your roof’s integrity.

Further benefits include high-resistance to weathering and standing water, and a sound-deadening quality which dulls the noise of rainfall. The 3-layer felt system also allows us to meet warm roof regulations, if needed.

Lead Roofing

Lead has become a less common option for our flat roofing services in Bromley and the surrounding areas. However, it is a cost-effective material with a long lifespan and is often less of a load on a structure than tiles. As a corrosion-resistant material, atmospheric pollutants and UV rays have little effect on lead.

A malleable material, our roofing contractors shape lead to fit the dimensions of oddly angled roofs. These days, though, we usually use lead for smaller components like flashing.

Felt Roofs

DM & Son Ltd regularly installs felt roofs due to their cost-effectiveness, durability and the marked improvements in quality over the years. Applied with a torch and heated bitumen in any weather, these flat roofs have a lifespan of up to 20 years, not to mention a high resistance to tears and leaks.

These qualities result in robust, durable roofs renowned for low long-term maintenance needs.

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