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Roofing Repairs in Bromley | Tips for Commercial Roof Repairs

Looking to repair a flat roof on a commercial building? A practical roofing solution for structures of any size, flat roofs allow for easy rooftop access and are simple to construct. Despite the strength of modern materials, roofing repairs are sometimes necessary in the event of extreme weather or long-term deterioration. It is important that repairs are conducted safely and built to last. Whether you have a felt, fibreglass or liquid rubber roof, it is always best to consider roof repairs before resorting to a replacement.

Our repairs can help save you money on the cost of new pitched and flat roofs in Bromley and the other areas we cover. You can see our repair work in our popular gallery. You must act quickly to have your roofing issues addressed. Water ingress can have expensive and dangerous consequences when left untreated, causing damp, mould and structural degradation.

When you find a tear or a puncture in your commercial flat roof, it is important that you keep the following tips in mind:

  • Safety First

  • Clean the Area

  • Quality Materials

Safety First

Safety should be at the forefront of your mind when conducting roofing repairs, and with a variety of health and safety certifications available, there is no excuse for improper caution. Commercial roofing in Bromley should always be treated with prudence, especially buildings which are infrequently maintained.

Never assume that a roof can hold your weight without a thorough risk assessment. Use scaffolding instead of ladders, and always remember to wear the appropriate safety equipment for the job at hand.

Clean the Area

When you have located the source of the issue, you must remember to adequately prepare the puncture before undertaking roofing repairs. This involves sweeping away debris, clearing off any moss and applying fungicide to prevent mould. It is also advisable to wait for a dry spell before conducting the repairs, especially with felt.

You need to make sure that all the moisture has evaporated before sealing any roof in Bromley, as any trapped water could compromise the insulation and decking underneath.

Fixing a temporary watertight covering to keep the area dry during periods of rainfall is a good way of preparing the puncture for the repair process.

Quality Materials

It is crucial that you invest in quality materials when performing roofing repairs on your commercial property in Bromley because poor repairs will only leave you further out of pocket in the long run. Make sure that you have a confident grasp of the application process to prevent a costly re-application.

You should also consider the colour and texture of the existing roof, especially if it is in a visible area. If you apply quality repairs to your punctured roof, you will prevent long-term damage and significantly extend its lifespan.

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