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Roofing Services in Bromley | Does Your Roof Need Replacing?

We take the roofs of our properties for granted because we don’t look up as much as we look directly at the façade. It’s easy to spot an issue in the masonry, joinery and overall aesthetic of our homes and premises, but it’s not as easy to do with the roof and impossible with the foundations. So, if we think something is wrong with either of these areas, they should be addressed immediately by DM & Son Ltd with the appropriate roofing services.

It may be difficult to tell just how long the problem has been occurring, but our professional roofing contractors are here to resolve it. You can read more about the work we undertake on our roofing contractors blog.

Roofs protect us, our families and the contents of our Bromley homes by literally providing shelter above our heads. But did you know they also help to maintain the structural integrity of the surrounding walls? And, in doing so, they work to ensure the foundations are not compromised? Believe it or not, if our roof is failing so too are other parts of the home.

We have the roofing services you need to make a significant difference.

We have a number of blog pages to help you learn more about roofing. This blog post highlights the most common factors which roof damage can cause. If you are experiencing any of these, contact a professional roofing company today and have the problem assessed as soon as possible:

  • Sagging

  • Leakages

  • Pooling

  • Moss and Algae


Roofs in Bromley should be level, so any form of sagging is a sign there is an issue with the overall structure. Ignoring this has many disadvantages, the most serious being a collapse of the overall framework. If you’re trying to sell your property, sagging won’t pass a surveyor’s inspection and potential buyers could change their minds.


Whether in the lead flashing, damaged fascias, cracked tiles, or missing slates, water ingress can cause havoc to the interior of your home. The issue may not be instantly spotted until the ceilings begin to buckle under the strain of pooling water, and you may find the timbers in the attic rotting due to the damp conditions. Our roofing services can resolve leakages.


This can occur on flat roofs in Bromley where the appropriate slope for drainage purposes hasn’t been considered. The maximum slope for a flat roof installation is 10°, although it is usually less. This allows for rain water to run off the roof into the guttering system where it will pass onto the drains below.

Moss and Algae

Usually seen on older roofing structures, both are notorious for holding a considerable amount of moisture. If not removed, they can cause water to seep through the roof into the attic space. If they do manage to fall off the roof, however, they’ll gather in the guttering and clog it up. This will lead to blockages and failing roofline systems.

To find out more about our roofing services in Bromley, talk to DM & Son Ltd by calling 01959 702 085, 0800 046 1240 or 07754 651 795.


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