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Time-Served Roofing Contractors in Sevenoaks | Roofing Installations

Here at DM & Son Ltd, our current team of roofing contractors has over 20 years of experience installing all kinds of roofing in the Sevenoaks area. With a wide range of roofing repairs and general roofing services available, as well as City & Guilds accreditation, we undertake any roofing project, no matter how small or big. From new roofs to flat roofs, we are the roofing contractors who get the job done safely, efficiently and with workmanship of the highest standards.


The installation process for our new roofs and flat roofs often has an influence on the final choice of style and material. Our domestic and commercial clients have very different priorities, so the installation process can become the deciding factor.

Below, we’ve outlined how we install our most popular new roofs and flat roofs in Sevenoaks, and how they might benefit clients in regard to future roofing repairs and roofing services.


Pitched Roof – As with any of our new roofs, a pitched roof starts with an extensive survey of your current roof by our experienced roofing contractors. This process identifies any potential problems within the roofing structure that we need to work into our schedule. If you choose to accept our subsequent quotation, the installation process begins.


Initially we place protective sheeting over nearby exposed areas in the garden to prevent any damage. Then, using access equipment that fully complies with Health & Safety legislation, we prepare the roofing area.


After carefully stripping the old material from the roof of the Sevenoaks area property, we lay tile battens on the now exposed roof, laying the requested materials to make up one of our new roofs.


Pitched roofs take the longest time to install, but they will require minimal roofing repairs (barring unforeseen events) or roofing service for many years to come.


EPDM RubberBond – As trusted roofing contractors in the Sevenoaks area, we use EPDM RubberBond with the utmost confidence for our single-membrane flat roofs. Unlike other flat roofs, EPDM RubberBond doesn’t require a naked flame for installation, making it a far safer process. These flat roofs are installed using an adhesive that bonds the membrane to the existing decking surface. Any seams are then sealed with Factory Applied Secure Tape.


With high levels of resistance to weathering, UV light, moss, mould, shrinking and cracking, and with a lifespan of up to 40 years, these flat roofs offer Sevenoaks property owners minimal roofing repairs and roofing services for the foreseeable future.


3 Layer Felt System Roof – Applied using a propane gas torch, these new roofs can be installed faster than pitched roofs. This makes them an attractive choice for domestic or commercial clients in Sevenoaks looking for as little disruption to a routine as possible.


In our role as roofing contractors, we oversee the inspection of the roof and removal of the old materials. These particular new roofs are then installed by heating up the bitumen pre-applied to the felt in order to melt it. The hot bitumen then bonds to the previously laid underlay or substrate, resulting in a smooth, durable flat roof.


With a lifespan of up to 20 years, when installed by experienced roofing contractors, these flat roofs provide Sevenoaks property owners with durable new roofs which won’t require roofing repairs or roofing services any time soon.

For more information regarding new roofs, flat roofs, roofing repairs and our other roofing services in Sevenoaks, call 01959 702 085, 0800 046 1240 or 07754 651 795.

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